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How Planning My Content Grew My Small Business

Planning my content is one of my favorite parts of owning my own business. Over the last year, I've learned and grown so much just by planning out what I'm going to post and when. Starting out can be quite overwhelming, with all the different people out there claiming to know the *secret* to perfect content creation. Here's the real secret:

There is no secret.

Sometimes you just get lucky. A brand will feature your content, you'll get on the explore page, etc. Despite this, there are things you can do to grow your account organically (trust me, people know when you buy followers!) and have fun doing it.

How Planning My Content Grew My Small Business

Let's be honest here, I'm not an expert. But I am giving you free advice on what has worked from me after taking classes, webinars, and reading articles on the subject for years. This is just what I do for myself, and it's in no way an in-depth article, but just a few suggestions and how-to's!

Before You Start

The first thing I do is make sure that what I'm putting out is relatable. Personable. It's always been my number one priority with my business to always have the customer put a brand to a face and never to feel like I'm too "corporate" for them. I do this by being myself (duh) and creating fun things to involve my audience. I personally love polls, CTA's (call-to-actions), and interacting through comments and messages. I try to make them feel more like friends than customers while maintaining the distance I need to protect my business.

How Planning My Content Helped Grow My Small Business

How Do I Do It?

By setting aside one day a week to schedule my content, I am able to keep it relevant and fun for both myself and my audience. By going week by week, I can decide to change it up if things are feeling boring or stagnant. I also change my mind a lot, so planning my content in small batches allows me to change things if I so desire.

I actually use multiple methods to help myself plan and schedule my content, but you really don't need to go in as much depth. Whatever works for you is the key here! You don't want this to be something you dread, because it's important to the success of your account and business. Without a steady stream of content, people aren't going to find you, point blank!

How Planning My Content Helped Grow My Small Business

I personally invested in The Content Planner*, which is exactly what it sounds like. A no frills (but beautiful!) planner that I use to organize my posts and visualize what they will look like over the course of a month. 

I also utilize my Passion Planner* as a To Do list each day and will often note down the content I want to plan for that week so I can be sure to check it off once I've done it so I don't miss a day! I also block off a day a week (usually Thursdays) to photograph, write captions, film, and other marketing stuff. For me, this is what keeps me organized so I know what I've completed.

The Result

Followers can expect a post from me every weekday at 6:30 am, because that's when I've found I get the most engagement. People are on their phones, waking up, eating breakfast, and catching up on social media. I'm one of the first things to pop up on their feed and I love watching people interact with my posts all day!

I also consistently and organically grow an audience by posting my planned-out content regularly. When I feel like posting something out of the blue, I usually put it in a story with a poll or a CTA so everyone can interact. This also helps keep my feed clean and professional while keeping everyone involved and in the loop!

Above all, I no longer get overwhelmed trying to scramble around the night before photographing and scheduling out a post. My stress levels have shot down just by implementing these super easy tips and I fully enjoy using social media now! I only have to worry about it once a week - If I happen to get a burst of inspiration before that, I take a sticky note or jot it down in my Passion Planner* for easy reference later when I go to plan everything out.

I hope this helps condense some of the information out there for you! Simply googling the subject comes back with hundreds of articles, classes, and extensive blog posts and it can be overwhelming to figure out what is really the secret to growing your business with content planning.

Do you content plan? What are your favorite, tried-and-true tips?

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