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Day 5 of Using My Planners: Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner

Welcome to Day 5 of Using My Planners! Wow. The final day is already here! My goal for this week-long series is to bring some insight into how I use all 5 of my planners each day without getting overwhelmed.

To preface, if you don’t know which planners I use, in order of the posts…a Hardbound Passion Planner, a Softcover Passion Planner, a Hobonichi Weeks, Simplified Planner, and finally, Powersheets. Each day this week I will have a new post explaining how I use each of this without getting overwhelmed. It was actually a labor of love to almost teach myself how to use each of these in a way that works for me. But it was totally worth it! I spend a couple of minutes per day updating and checking each planner (my work Passion Planner [Day 2] is longer, since I’m constantly referring and adding to that one).

Disclaimer: This is just what works for ME. You probably don’t need five planners a day to live your normal life. But I hope this helps you out in case you have fallen down the multiple planner hole, or you’re trying to justify purchasing another.

Day 5 is…

My Cultivate What Matters Powersheets!

powersheets intentional goal planner

The Powersheets aren’t technically a planner. It’s actually a big workbook. Most of the pages are filled with prep work to help you dig DEEP into your heart and mind to… Cultivate What Matters! There are seasonal refreshes, monthly questions, and more. It’s the most personal product I’ve ever used!

The reason I put this on my list of planners is because keeping it open on my desk each day is a visual reminder of my goals every day. I look at the monthly, weekly, and daily goals to make sure they are aligning with where I’m choosing to put my time in each day. If I feel like there’s a disconnect between the two, I readjust my planners or do a quick goal refresh as needed. I’d say this is truly the center of all my planning - What am I working towards without clear goals, after all?

powersheets intentional goal planner

The prep for this can be a little time consuming. Each month it takes me a few days to complete the monthly reflection and set up for the next month. The first part of the book actually took me weeks to complete fully! But it’s almost like a form of therapy and self-care to complete it each month. Then every other day, I just check off the habit tracker as needed. I don’t really spend more than a minute on any given day with my Powersheets, but they’re at the center of everything. They’re definitely a tool to look into!

powersheets intentional goal planner

What is your current biggest goal?


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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