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Day 4 of Using My Planners: Emily Ley Simplified Planner

Welcome to Day 4 of Using My Planners! Already Day 4…? My goal is to inspire you to use your planners in the way that works best for YOU! You don’t need a ton of planners, and you don’t even need the ones I’m showing you, but I know you’ll find at least one useful tidbit of information in here that you can start utilizing today! Be sure to check out the rest of this 5 day series on my blog to get tips and inspiration for all my other planners.
To preface, if you don’t know which planners I use, in order of the posts…a Hardbound Passion Planner, a Softcover Passion Planner, a Hobonichi Weeks, Simplified Planner, and finally, Powersheets. Each day this week I will have a new post explaining how I use each of this without getting overwhelmed. It was actually a labor of love to almost teach myself how to use each of these in a way that works for me. But it was totally worth it! I spend a couple of minutes per day updating and checking each planner (my work Passion Planner [Day 2] is longer, since I’m constantly referring and adding to that one).
Disclaimer: This is just what works for ME. You probably don’t need five planners a day to live your normal life. But I hope this helps you out in case you have fallen down the multiple planner hole, or you’re trying to justify purchasing another.
Day 4 is…
My Emily Ley Simplified Planner!
emily ley simplified planner
This was the first planner purchase I made in the two years after I started using Passion Planner. I’m a very “to do list”-oriented person, as we’ve discovered this week, so this planner was calling my name. Plus, I needed a break from all the stickers I had to use every week to promote my own products! In all honesty, I don’t use this one every day. Sometimes I just don’t feel as if I need to. And that’s okay! I use this to keep track of pretty much whatever pops into my mind, mainly housework and errands. I have two cats and a husband and housework adds up fast. How do those of you with kids handle it…?!
emily ley simplified planner
Regardless, this is such a help to keep track of those tasks I tend to forget about. Like laundry. Calling the DMV. Making a grocery list. The usual. ;) This isn’t a necessary step in my lineup at this point in my life, because I also keep track of these things in my memory-keeping planner (Day 1). For that reason, I didn’t purchase a Simplified Planner during their most recent release… even though the FOMO was real! That doesn’t mean I don’t recommend it though! Take a look at the photos of how I use it and decide for yourself!
emily ley simplified planner
In the empty spot at the bottom of each day, I often put quotes or affirmations I enjoy that I can refer back to in the future. If I have a lot of things or ideas to remember, I’ll make note of them there so I can’t lose them. I don’t usually use too many stickers in here - in fact, I use almost none. I do add washi tape when I feel like having some color! But for the most part, I keep it simple with a Black Papermate Flair pen.
emily ley simplified planner
I’ll definitely miss this guy when the end of the Academic year rolls around, but I am enjoying my time with it! It’s definitely a purchase I’ll consider at each season of my life to see if it fits my needs. You can check the Simplified Planner out yourself at (non-affiliated). They also have weekly versions available!
Have you used the Simplified Planner before, or considered it? Is it staying in your lineup this year?! Leave a comment down below, I definitely want to hear about it!


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