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Day 3 of Using My Planners: Hobonichi Weeks Portable Planner

Welcome to Day 3 of Using My Planners! The title is pretty self-explanatory, and my goal is to inspire you to grab those empty planners you no doubt have, and find your favorite way to start using them every day! You don’t need a ton of planners, and you don’t even need the ones I’m showing you, but I know you’ll find at least one useful tidbit of information in here that you can start utilizing today!

To preface, if you don’t know which planners I use, in order of the posts…a Hardbound Passion Planner, a Softcover Passion Planner, a Hobonichi Weeks, Simplified Planner, and finally, Powersheets. Each day this week I will have a new post explaining how I use each of this without getting overwhelmed. It was actually a labor of love to almost teach myself how to use each of these in a way that works for me.

Disclaimer: This is just what works for ME. You probably don’t need five planners a day to live your normal life. But I hope this helps you out in case you have fallen down the multiple planner hole, or you’re trying to justify purchasing another.

Day 3 is…

My Strawberry Latte Hobonichi Weeks Planner… My Portable Catch-all!

Hobonichi Weeks

So if you’re in the planner community, you know the Hobonichi Weeks planner has taken us all by storm. It’s tiny, portable, and people are making the cutest kits (me  included)! I found mine on Amazon and it arrived from Japan to New York in about a week and a half from purchasing. Look how lovely! I love that it’s in my absolute favorite color and matches the whole PBS aesthetic!

Hobonichi Weeks

Because this planner is so small, I use it to note just my priorities each day, track any medications I’m taking, and note down when my husband will be late. I’ll also leave a section where, each day, I’ll write a few sentences on my favorite thing that happened. I’m really liking this, because even though it’s not quite a necessity in my lineup, it’s a quick and easy way to jot down ideas. Plus, I’m traveling a LOT in the next 11 months, and this is going to be fantastic to bring along with me!

Hobonichi Weeks

Have you picked up a Hobonichi Weeks yet? Don’t forget to check out my new section of kits for it! They’re affordable and fit perfectly into the planner for portability. I can’t wait to see this little guy filled up at the end of the year!

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